The opening dinner was held inside a most historical developing in the East Pier. Together with the pleasant evening scenery on the
other side of Pudong, two world-class musicians, pianist Mr. Zhao Yinyin and violinist Mr. Lv Siqing, had been invited to jointly play
a traditional music. Their excellent overall performance added a great deal of enjoyable for the distinguished guests. Moreover, the
prestigious Italian chef Mr. Umberto Bombana (Michelin 2-star chef) arrived from Hong Kong in individual and meticulously ready
authentic Italian cuisine, creating this dinner a gluttonous feast.

We're honored and pleased to become in a position to come to Shanghai, and I sincerely invite all Panerai fans and those that are in
adore from the background panerai to this exhibition. Stated Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati, Our objective would be to spend tribute
towards the genius scientist Galileo, and simultaneously, present towards the public the profound modifications skilled in current
years by our brand breitling clone watches , furthermore, to highlight our innate creativity and individuality.

Panerai was originated from Florence in 1860 breitling watches fake . The prior exhibition was effectively held in its hometown in September final year,
following six months, the original group and gear moved to Shanghai for this exhibition, creating Shanghai the only station
additionally to Italy within the international arena.

The exhibition Time and Space: a Tribute to Galileo Galilei opened a colorful journey for the public. Taking an overview from the
historical heritage and present development of Panerai, we are able to see over one hundred pieces of watches. Some scientific tools
and gear amongst the exhibits proved the essential function this Italian genius, Galileo played. Especially, we ought to mention that
he had laid a solid foundation for the development of mechanical watch creating.

The uncommon vintage Panerai watches had been also integrated within the exhibition, namely, goods produced within the 1930s-1940s and
1950s when this Italian brand panerai was a supplier from the Italian Navy. In 1997, Panerai was acquired by Richemont Group, following
that, it started to land the international marketplace as a senior watch maker. A few of their most representative functions had been
brought towards the scene. Additionally, guests may also witness 3 high complex goods that are new functions in 2011 of panerai or
theme goods from the a Tribute to Galileo Galilei exhibition, such as the L Astronomo time equation watch, Lo Scienziato Tourbillon
watch and Panerai Jupiterium. This planetarium represented the outlook of Universe observed from the viewpoint of Galileo. It was
exactly due to his invention of telescope; Galileo accomplished numerous revolutionary scientific discoveries. 3 watch makers who
produced a unique trip from Noesheltier Swiss to Shanghai demonstrated the procedure of assembling motion which attracted a great deal
of guests.

Mr. Angelo Bonati, CEO of Panerai and Professor Paolo Galluzzi, president from the Florence Galileo Museum went towards the website and
presided more than the ribbon-cutting ceremony. u-boat ifo Panerai collectors, fans and guests from the Asia Pacific area witnessed this unique
substantial moment. On the press conference just prior to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mr. Angelo Bonati, CEO of Panerai announced that
peinahai will open about 20 new shops within the subsequent 3 years within the Asia Pacific area. This implies that whilst individuals
attach much more and much more significance to strategic marketplace development, Panerai will preserve its brand function of rareness
and minority.
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