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Multifunction Plastic Expanding Spring Coil Lanyard W/ Aluminum Flat Carabiner & Key Ring

Multifunction Plastic Expanding Spring Coil Lanyard W/ Aluminum Flat Carabiner & Key Ring
Constructed with TPU covered for ultimate strength and durability, swivelling design prevents tangles and aggressived recoil, and also this coil design reduces lanyard length adn prevents snag and tangle hazards, it keeps your accessories securely fastened to your belt while allowing Maximum reach. Classic type of plastic key coil tether with aluminum carabiner and split keyring on each end, multi-used for many tools, valuabled objects when do daily works, mostly securing for fishing plier, personal keys, knife, firearm and some tool holder, etc.
Product Description:
Featuring TPU pure line diameter 2.5mm
Retractable coil outside diameter 10mm
Whole length of unextended lanyard 22cm
Quick release aluminum flat carabiner hook 4.8cm long
The other attach 1 key ring 2.5cm out diameter
Standard solid black plastic color
Hot syle of 2 cylinder connectors and 2 "ear" loop 
Multi use as fastening lanyard tether

Customized Options:
Logo: custom logo
Color: as PMS code, Panton no
Size: 10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 18cm, 20cm, 25cm, etc
Accessory: snap hook, karabiner, key ring, etc

The attach and secure lanyard can be used for many applications
Used eco-friendly light-weight strong polyurethane tubing material
Strong coil has an excellent memory and returns back to a small tight coil after use
Durable coil is thicker, stronger, durable, long-standing, no fade, long life time, kink and abrasion resistant
Mluti-used tether for securing any tools, rods, scuba diving and all other you don't want to drop
Prevents valuable items from being lost, broken or becoming a falling hazard
DIY ends are plastic/metal clips/hooks that can be clipped onto tools, rods, reels, cameras, pistols, etc.
Seuring high value objects, like hand tools, fishing gears, cell phone, hard hats, cameras,radios and other objects which need protection.
Any high-standard coil lanyard is welcome here, top quality with reasonable China factory price.