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Quality Control

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Quality Control

Excellent quality assurance 
Quality is the fundamental operation, Greenlife high-end positioning is to create a strong Greenlife brand by top products quality. Mentioned Greenlife, the products from Greenlife certainly will be trustworthy, this conclusion has been proved by groups of foreign customers for a long time. No quality of product, equal to no capital to a corporation. 

QC inspection for all procedures:
1. Raw material preparation: our professional QC tem will strictly check the raw material as per order requirements like drawing from customer, such as material type, size, color, surface treatment and so on.
2. Semi-finished items during the production: QC team will make sampling inspection of bulk production, keep all cargo will be same high quality like sample cofirmed by customer, also test its function parts as need.
3. Finished items before shipment: QC team do much more strictly insepction for each item, one by one, make sure all details are correct as order need, final item is acceptable qualified ones.

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